Last DANCEiSM of college :(

28 04 2010

Wait… what? Seriously, I feel like I only JUST found out about this function and now I have to go and graduate? All that really means is that I won’t be able to take the free bus to the venue anymore, but still. Will it be inappropriate for a college graduate to dress up in American Apparel clothing and smear their face with neon paint? Let’s hope not, because there are more DANCEiSMs to come. Dig it.

Once again, there was bus drama. I guess it wouldn’t be a DANCEiSM if there weren’t drunk freshmen mobbing the bus. It was such a shitshow, we were literally disgusted with the behavior of some of the people there. The whole point of the event is to have fun together, not to fight tooth and nail to get onto a yellow school bus. After a while we had had it. Lisa (my roommate, who has until now remained somewhat anonymous) decided to take one for the team and drive to the Echoplex. What  a trooper, all in the name of DANCEiSM. I guess we kind of owe her one.

After we beat the bus to the venue (hollerrrr) we didn’t run into anymore snags. After that it was music, drinks, body paint and enough dancing to leave my legs sore the next morning. The music didn’t strike me as being entirely memorable, but I also have no complaints — except the strobe might have been a little out of control. Robot Love was playing when we rolled up but they had pretty much wrapped up by the time we had hit up the photo booth, paint table and bar (the results are shown in the above picture).

There will be another DANCEiSM next month, but by then we’ll have graduated. I think it is assumed our “partying days” are over once we cross the stage at graduation, at which time we will take on responsibilities and venture out into the real world. So… does that mean we can’t have anymore fun? Really? I hate hearing that these years are the best of our lives; life can’t really be all downhill after this. Sure, it’s been fun and all, but I don’t want to believe we’ve peaked this early. I intend on continuing to dress in absurd costumes, I will keep drinking overpriced cocktails and I will always wear face-paint if the opportunity presents itself.

The best years of our lives are the best to come.




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