Broke raver.

7 04 2010

It’s been a while… my bad. School assignments, the pressure of looking for a “real job” post graduation and a well-deserved Spring Break have kept me from blogging. Sadder still, they have kept me from raving. Sigh.

My roommate managed to make it to the last Danceism and had a great time; she said they played a lot of dubstep which she has been bumping nonstop for the past few weeks. It is a sort of hybrid between techno and hip hop beats which make for amazing bass. We were first introduced to this type of house at our first Danceism in January, and now the roomie is constantly bumping tracks like Doctor P’s Sweet Shop.

Homegirl is also heading to the Roxy tonight for a free show which should feature a lot of this type of music. Perfect opportunity for a broke raver (minus the parking fee and whatever drinks one may consume) but it’s a date so I don’t want to cramp her style. Maybe I’ll send him my Rave Lesson For Boys beforehand…

We’re days closer to Coachella which two of my roommates will be attending. They and thousands of other lucky kids will experience three days full of artists like deadmau5, Benny Benassi, MGMT, 2ManyDJ’s, Major Lazer. I hate hearing about all the excitement here at LMU where most kids are using their parent’s platinum cards to drop the $300 on the event. I’m going to be a sad little raver come April 16th.

So besides being bitter about my severe shortage of funds (which has kept me from certain social events so that I can afford to eat) things are pretty decent. Except for that whole graduation thing that’s coming up.



If you have some time to kill…

3 03 2010

…check this out. For more info go to the Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 site. I recommend reading the manifesto.